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The Milieu Therapeutic Services seeks to be a premiere provider of mental health services, particularly to those that would not ordinarily have access to such treatment.  We do this by utilizing the latest technology in remote healthcare to provide services to consumers. We currently operate in five states: District of Columbia, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, and Virginia.  We have a vision and roadmap for the future that we believe will allow us to remain viable over time.    

Are you tired of working for companies that underpay you, undervalue you, and in the end reward your hard work with more work?

Are you frustrated with unprincipled politics and nepotism?

You need to work for us.  We are a company who is all about forward momentum.  Passionately committed to our foundational values and doing things correctly.   

We are wanting to build a pool of qualified candidates for state and local contracts that we hope to have in place in the near future. 

  1. Masters Degree in Counseling, Social Work, or equivalent education that would qualify for licensure by the Virginia Board of Counseling or Social Work.  Full licensure also acceptable.
  2. Experience in working with clients considered to be in a mental health crisis.  Certification as a Pre Admission Screening Clinician preferred.
  3. Willing and Able to work as part of a hybrid team who provides care both in person and via telehealth.
  4. Availability and willingness to work in various environments including hospitals, jails, prisons, client's homes, and in the community.  These often may be considered dangerous and you may be placed in eminent danger. 
  5. Ability to work in stressful situations and able to work under strict deadlines.

Salary commensurate upon experience and availability of funds. 

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