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The Milieu Therapeutic Services seeks to be a premiere provider of mental health services, particularly to those that would not ordinarily have access to such treatment.  We do this by utilizing the latest technology in remote healthcare to provide services to consumers. We currently operate in five states: District of Columbia, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, and Virginia.  We have a vision and roadmap for the future that we believe will allow us to remain viable over time.    

Are you tired of working for companies that underpay you, undervalue you, and in the end reward your hard work with more work?

Are you frustrated with unprincipled politics and nepotism?

You need to work for us.  We are a company who is all about forward momentum.  Passionately committed to our foundational values and doing things correctly.   

We are looking for an independently licensed counselor, social worker, or psychologist to join our clinical team.  You are free to work as little or as much as you want and choose your own hours.  We provide the infrastructure, do the billing, and assist with promoting your skills under our recognizable brand.   We strive to be the first employer you have been associated with that truly wants you to get what you want out of your experience with us.  

  1. Be an independently licensed Professional Counselor, Clinical Social Worker, Mental Health Counselor, or Psychologist in one or more of the states that we serve.

2. Five years of experience in the mental health field.  By this we mean that you have to have conducted at least one individual or group therapy session with a client within the past two weeks of applying.  

3. Familiarity with person centered and trauma informed counseling.  Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Crisis Intervention models prefered, but not required.  

4.  Experience in providing therapy using telehealth, and being proficient with technology to the point of being able to troubleshoot problems when they arise.  

5. Have no barriers or conflicts that would prevent you from being credentialed with insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid. You will also have to pass a background, reference, and credential check.  

6. We want people with vision, ideas, and who are goal oriented to strive to be a better professional and grow with our company.  You also have to be comfortable with working independently in a remote office environment.  

This position is that of an independent contractor who will be compensated at a flat rate per session upon payment being received.  This pay rate and opportunities you will have with us have the potential to increase the longer you stay with our company.  As we grow, we plan to offer profit sharing and benefits, even if you are considered to be “just a contractor”.