The HUBB ATC Finance Manager
  • United States, New Jersey, Newark
  • Empowerment
  • Full-time
  • $60,000 - $70,000 per year
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The HUBB Arts & Trauma Center (The HUBB ATC) has been recognized as a Mayor-appointed "Center of Hope" in the City of Newark for over seventeen years.  As a prominent cornerstone in the community, we are dedicated to creating pathways to violence intervention and community healing through innovative, non-traditional programming.

Our approach emphasizes meeting young people "where they are," engaging them in areas of interest such as music production, videography, and social media. We provide comprehensive support that extends beyond individual growth, encompassing life skills and job readiness for entire family units.

At The HUBB ATC, we firmly believe in the potential of young people to drive positive change in our communities. We utilize strength-based methods, cultivating and developing natural leadership abilities into tangible skills. Our training equips youth to actively participate in their transformation and healing.

To apply email Mariel Hufnagel, Chief Operating Officer, at with the job title in the subject line, and attach your resume and cover letter. No phone calls. 


Community-Oriented Financial Planning and Budgeting:
  • Collaborate with department heads and the executive team to develop an annual budget that aligns with our community-driven mission and goals.
  • Monitor budget performance, identify opportunities for cost optimization, and communicate financial updates to stakeholders.
  • Ensure that resources are strategically allocated to support innovative programming in areas such as music production, videography, social media, and more.

Transparent Financial Reporting and Analysis:
  • Prepare clear and accurate financial statements that reflect our commitment to transparency and fiscal responsibility.
  • Conduct financial analysis to inform decisions, enhance program effectiveness, and align with our organization's unique community focus.

Effective Cash Flow Management:
  • Ensure that cash flow is managed in a way that sustains our non-traditional interventions and supportive programs, meeting financial obligations while maintaining financial stability.

Grants and Contracts Management with a Mission Focus:
  • Oversee the financial aspects of grants and contracts that support our specific programming, ensuring compliance and alignment with our community-oriented objectives.

Ethical Financial Audits and Compliance:
  • Facilitate financial audits with transparency and integrity, reflecting our organizational commitment to ethical practice.
  • Comply with all financial and regulatory requirements, embodying our values of trustworthiness and community stewardship.

Innovative Financial Systems and Process Improvement:
  • Review and enhance financial systems and processes, leveraging innovative solutions that support our unique, strength-based approach to community engagement and empowerment.

Team Leadership that Fosters Growth and Collaboration:
  • Guide the finance team with empathy and support, fostering an environment that encourages professional growth, collaboration, and alignment with our mission.

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, or a related field.
  • Experience in financial management with a strong understanding of community engagement and non-profit operations. Deep knowledge of accounting principles, with an emphasis on transparency and ethical compliance.
  • High-level of skill using QuickBooks software.

Employee Type: Full-Time / Exempt                                                                
Schedule: Monday - Friday 12pm - 8pm
Compensation: $60,000 - $70,000 commensurate with experience