Show, Don't Just Tell.

About, home to VECians, is a team of problem-solving curious creatives using storytelling to execute thoughtful and soulful content marketing for B2B SaaS & VC companies. Essentially, we use tailored, story-driven to connect people with tech solutions. We have a huge vision but are a small company that will happily remain small. We are conservative and principled, cherish an undying quest for knowledge, empathy, self-development, deep thinking, and hardwork.

As reflected in our vision, we aren’t just here to turn a profit for ourselves and our clients. We’re advancing the global practice of tech product storytelling and B2B content marketing. Our proprietary frameworks, Product-Led Storytelling, TCCS (Topic Clusters Content Strategy), the Triangular Feedback Framework, ICP StoryScripts, StoryBriefs & Outlines, Demand Gen Media Funnel Framework, and others, testify to this. 

Our Vision

Help Make the Global Web More Valuable & Useful, One Story for One Person at a Time.
Imagine a world where the web has well-crafted content in the form of relatable stories for anyone looking for solutions to their problems. When you work with VEC, that’s the world you’re building for our generations to come. 

Our Core Values

Yes, we breathe using storytelling to produce well-crafted content. But we do that through the mindset of these four (4) core values. 
  • Growth, Helping Others Grow
  • We rise by lifting others. From teammates to clients and partners, VECians only consider it “growth” if it helped others “grow.”

  • Care, Really Mean It
  • Prospects are humans, not bots or tools. Ensure your content engages and expresses that you truly care about solving their problems over conversion metrics.

  • Show, Don’t Just Tell
  • Have a problem-solving mindset. Inspire mutually beneficial action by showing (not just telling) how a product solves specific customer pain points.

  • Different, Not Better
  • Don’t “better” the competition. Be different! Have a strong point of view, strive to stand out, and be recognized by those who really need what you offer. 

We’re a 100% remote company humbly serving amazing tech companies worldwide. 

Current Job Openings at
B2B SaaS Content Marketing
$24,000 - $48,000 per year